Ayyappa Temple Mumbai

Ayyappa Seva Sangam Temple is located in Western Suburb of Goregaon in Mumbai . Lord Ayyappa is the presiding deity with Lord Vishnu, (Guruvayurappa) Lord Ganapathy, Durga Devi and Lord Subramanya (Kaartikeya) as supporting deities. In addition, special poojas are also conducted everyday to Lord Shiva though no separate Sreekovil is  constructed. Navagraha prastishta was also decided at this Temple Complex. Thus, in accordance with the Deva Prasana, the construction was taken on hand, first for the temple building. Shri Kanippayur Krishnan Namboodiripad was entrusted with starting the work for five Sreekovila in granite stones, idols and Navagrahas in Kerala. After completion of the entire work , the Prathishtas of 5 deities were conducted on May 26, 1983, by Brahmashri Maheswararu Thanthri, chief priest of Sabarimala, and the temples were declared open to the public. Subsequently, Navgraha Prathishthas were conducted by the Thanthri in 1984.

Lord Sabarimala is a perfect embodiment of compassion and grace. Visiting Sabarimala temple, taking his darshan with love and devotion enhances the morale of the devotees and his blessings make an end to human sufferings. Staunch devotee of Lord Ayyappa should visit the Sabarimala temple, to receive the grace of God and lead a better and meaningful life. Aiming at this noble cause and keeping the difficulties faced by the devotees to visit the old Sabarimala temple, a few people staying at Goregaon decided to construct an Ayyappa temple at Goregaon a western suburb in Mumbai for the devotees staying in Mumbai.

In the year 1953 few friends joined together and decided to have an Ayyappa Vilakku in Goregaon. It was the desire of the sponsors to make everyone a participant in this great function or rather to say, this must rise from the very grassroots. With this idea in mind, they went to every door in Goregaon collecting small amount of money from every family to the extent of money required for the function. It was in the month of December. Ayyappan Vilakku was conducted on a fixed date and time. This being the first of its kind in Goregaon, gave an opportunity to the residents of Goregaon to meet each other in one pandal in the name of Lord Ayyappa.

In the year 1964, three days programme connected with Ayyappan Vilakku was arranged. Professor P.Krishnakumar, Pudakkad, Kerala was invited to conduct discourses for the first three days. During 1973, Dharma Sastha Pooja Samiti was rechristined as Akhila Bharatha Ayyappa Seva Samgham, Branch No. 430 under the able guidence of Prof. Krishna Kumar and late Shri M.K.K. Nair, President of Akhila Bharatha Ayyappa Seva Sangham, Thiruvananthapuram. However, under their bye-laws, as the chances of progress for our organisation was meagre, it was decides to detach from them. Accordingly a separate organisation was registered as Ayyappa Seva Samgham Bombay, under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 registration number Bom 198/73 GBSD and the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 Regn. No. F.2942.

By this time , the Sangham had purchased a plot of land-through finance raised by public contribution for the construction of a temple as this was the utmost desire of thousands of devotees. The attention of the Sangham thereupon was for the development of land for construction of a temple. For this purpose, an Asthamangala Prasna was held at the temple site in the presence of the most revered and famous Brahmsri Maheswararu Kandararu Thantri, Thantri of Sabarimala Shree Ayyappa Temple and Shri Kanippayur Krishnan Namboodiripad, an authority on temple architecture. In the Asthamangala Prasana, it was revealed that approximately 800 years back this particular area was blessed with famous temples and regular devotees were in abundance.

However, due to natural calamities and overtake of ocean, these temples and the surrounding places in this region, were destroyed. Even in spite of all these, the powers in these temples were still in this area looking out proper abodes to continue to bless the humanity. According to the Asthamangala Prasana, our appearance on the scene was very much liked by these divine powers. It was told that their blessing are very much with the Sangham.

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